Friday, 16 March 2012

How to Pattern Lock Unlocked 6800H1-6800H2 BY CHINAKING

Pattern Lock Unlocked For 6800H-6800H1 Without Losing Any Data


Read Flash

Format File Location

Full Format

CPU TYPE:SC6800H [68000000]
Flash ID: 00200076
Flash Type:[ST] NAND512
FLASH LEN:0x4000000

We are working hard for all

about 6800H1 i want to share with you some things
WHAT EVER YOU DO ANY THING YOU MUST READ 1ST FLASH FILE THEN DO ANY THING ELSE. if you format and your mobile dead you can write backup file and try to format again.

we are always here to solve your problem just find bugs and post us we will solve it asap !!


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