Friday, 2 March 2012

samsung i5700 galaxy spica google account lock DONE

good morning
id like to share this one

latest from samsung android phone i5700 with patten lock na sya sa google account so hindi na
maopen ng *******r ung phone

1. first try to factory reset no luck
2. then hard reset still no luck
3. final solution here

use software odin_v4_03 multi downloader

DONWLOAD files,software and drivers from this site:

then pag ok na po lahat put phone in download mode by pressing
insert usb cable then
install drivers
then in device manager phone should be on SAMSUNG ANDROID MODEM mode like this:

open ODIN it should detect comport of the phone

input files
follow this guide

then press start
flashing. . . . .
wait till pass....
after that ok na phone no lock on google account you can create account or skip with the wizard
eto po finished product


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