Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nokia C1-00 Display Problem Repair Solution

Here's the Nokia C1-00 Solution for LCD Screen Display Problem such as blank, empty or white screen, blue screen, saturated and garbled screen displays. This solution provides some simple steps on how to diagnose and fix the display problem on the device.

To fix this problem, you may first check the LCD screen module for possible damaged or try installing it with a new one. You may also try to restore or flash update the device firmware. There are some cases that a display problem caused by a firmware interruption and can only be fix by restoring the firmware again. 
For hardware problem issues such as heavily dropped or water damaged devices there is a tendency that you may need to troubleshoot the device by way of hardware troubleshooting procedures, this includes cleaning the PCB board and replacing the LCD if broken or damaged.

If  all that above procedure has been made but the problem still exists, you may refer this one solution below for further troubleshooting.

Nokia C1-00 LCD Pin Connector Jumper Ways
nokia c1-00 display jumper repair picture
The solution above shows the connection line paths of the LCD pin connector, you may use that solution if the LCD is already been replace but the problem still occurs. You may trace and check that line paths and reconnect it by a way of jumper technique options. It can also be used for lifted and damaged LCD pin connector's of the. You may also consider that some display problem is caused by faulty CPU IC, so sometimes you may need to rework or replace it just to fix the Nokia C1-00 Display problems.


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