Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nokia C2-03 LCD Back Light LED Problem Solution

Nokia c2-03 display Light jumper ways on flex ribbon cable 
View in larger image.

The Nokia C2-03 backlight driver components.
In this figure shows the detailed components or parts that is called "LED driver circuit".
This will cause the display backlight loss if one of these components being damaged and or each of its connection line paths breakdowns. This circuit may only damaged if the device suffered wet or water damaged that resulted into oxidation build ups and then caused a short or open circuit.
Nokia c2-03 display Light jumper ways
view the larger image .

So, check out these parts:
- Clean these components surface if necessary.
- Check each of the filter coils first. Replace if found damaged.
-  Trace the VLED and VBAT_BB connection line paths - point to point to the corresponding capacitors, filter coils and including down to the Flex pin connector. 


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