Sunday, 26 February 2012

S8530XXLA1 Bada 2.0 Upgrade for Samsung Wave II S8530 newest update 2012

The new firmware with build number S8530XXLA1 (CSC: S8530OXALA1).  SamFirmware has just put online a new firmware: S8530XXLA1 (CSC S8530OXDLA1). This is officially released in Italy by Samsung Kies firmware server, an upgrade from previous firmware version S8530XXKF1. it does not only support Italian language but contains all European languages like English, German, Danish, Polski and etc. This firmware build is more stabler than the previous released. All the applications are working great. Social-hub applications, Chat On, Facebook, Dolphin browser, Allshare are working very smoothly.

S8530XXLA1 Bada 2.0 Samsung Wave II S8530 Kies official firmware update
Download the firmware S8530XXLA1. As always flash at your own risk!
The password to unzip is "".

How to install and flash: 

USB driver
Multiloader v 5.65

BADA 2.0 firmware from links
Password is

Flashing Bada 2.0 OS on Samsung Wave II S8530  
You have to flash it as a "full-firmware" and with bootfiles.
Also, keep in mind that you have to set debug level to low and then you can fully use your bada 2.0 beta version. Even turning the phone off will not crash it.
Just type *#33284*# and debug level to LOW, on BADA 2.0 flashed phone and enjoy the Difference.

Troubleshooting hints if errors may happens while flashing.
Only one thing important, when I flash, after the Bootfiles, i've got a serial port error. So I just unplug/plug my Wave to another USB port, and restart Multiloader (et restart the flash without the bootfiles, because they've already been flashed).

- shutdown while in progress => reason is battery low level => charge it then try once more

- phone can't go pass sim loading in booting progress => may be by CSC was not config, may be by flashing improper (ex. choosing wrong file wrong places)

- Try to reboot without sim card inside the phone. If pass, keyin code *#5239870*# , select line 2 , keyin pass *#27236#* and select proper csc region for ur phone.

- Some times phone can be login without sim (while with sim if wrong csc. 


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